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H2O Kalmar II DLC

H2O Watches are having a FLASH-SALE up until the 7th of November for their new Kalmar 2 DLC model which has been released in a limited series of just 95 pieces.

The Kalmar 2 now boasts a stunning sleek black DLC coated case with the choice of 5 sunburst dials in: black, blue, bronze, light gunmetal or silver with 2 handsets in matte silver matte or shiny chrome

and is equipped with a decorated Swiss made ETA 2892-A2 Top Grade movement. The movement which has custom rotor decorated with perlage is only available during the flash-sale.

The Kalmar 2 can individualized in the following ways: there are 3 different bezel styles: 2 black DLC coated bezels or a premium high-polished bezel in H2O’s exotic signature material, Mokume Gane.

H2O’s custom made Mokume Gane has been manufactured from thin layers of bronze and 316L Stainless steel.

H2O are also offering there 5mm hardened DLC coated bracelet with micro-adjustment clasp at a reduced price of just 135euro.


DAVOSA Apnea Diver Automatic 1stLOOK

Here’s some unofficial news about a brand new free-divers model from Davosa developed in partnership with brand ambassador and professional free-diver, NIK LINDER.

The new Davoa Apnea Diver Automatic is the world's only dedicated dive watch, designed specifically for free-divers.

There have been one or two in the past, such as the Omega Seamaster Apnea and the Sector Apnea Umberto Pellizzari Chronograph - but those model are more than a decade old now and currently deceased.

Davosa ambassador and free-diving multiple world-record holder Nik Linder was deeply involved in designing the Apnea Diver Auto which boasts a specialist color-coded scale on its dial, designed for respiratory training:

In BLUE - five seconds deep breath which is then held for 15 seconds in WHITE and the final ten seconds in RED where air is exhaled.

In order to accurately read these valuable seconds, the second hand in this instance is far larger and more prominent than usual. It is further distinguished by its long red tip.

The Apnea Diver has a generous, 46mm multi-functional Stainless steel case with a retractable ring that allows the free-diver to stand the watch up by the side of the pool in order to comfortably perform breathing exercises without having to wear the watch on their wrist.

This stand can be unscrewed using the crown at three o'clock. The Apnea Diver Auto is powered by an automatic Sellita SW 200 caliber which is protected by an up to 20 bar pressure-resistant inner Stainless steel housing.

The Apnea Diver comes in three versions: two brushed steel, one with a steel bezel, one with a black bezel and an all-black PVD version as worn by Nik in the photo, below.

Each version is available with either a black or blue or red rubber divers strap.

The first 200 pieces of the Apnea Diver Automatic will be available from mid-November from selected retailers.

The Steel version should be around 998 euros or with a black coated bezel and crown for 1048 euros or completely in black for 1098 euros.

I must admit I’m absolutely smitten with the new Diver Apnea – it great to finally see a dedicated free-diving watch.

Considering the number dive watch brand ambassadors that have been free-divers rather than scuba divers, I would have thought it would make sense that more free-diving watches were produced.

Here are a few watch brand ambassadors free divers, past and present:

BALL Watch Co. Guillaume Néry

BLANCPAIN Gianluca Genoni

BREITLING Herbert Nitsch

DAVOSA Nik Linder

EDOX Christian Redl



ORIS Carlos Coste and Anna von Boetticher

TUDOR Morgan Bourc’his

SECTOR Umberto Pellizzari

SUUNTO & William Trubridge

VOSTOK Europe ADA Free-Diving World Championship

ZRC Stéphane Tourreau

Like DAVOSA? Read my in-depth review of the ARGONAUTIC Automatic Gumetal


CREPAS DecoMaster 4000M REVIEW

BACKGROUND CREPAS (Compañía Relojera Especializada Para Actividades Subacuáticas) are a specialist boutique dive watch brand from Malaga in the south of Spain. Over the past 5 years, the brand has emerged as one the leading producers of dive watches in their segment. CREPAS only produce one model per year. The DecoMaster is their fifth model under the CREPAS label; however several other models have been released under their military inspired label, TACTICO.

CREPAS typically reinvent dive watch classics from the past. Taking an iconic design and updating it with the most current dive watch-making technologies available so that they outperform the models they were inspired by in every single technical aspect possible.

PACKAGING The CREPAS DecoMaster came in a hardened plastic dry-case, similar to those made by Pelican but perhaps not quite of the same high quality. Inside the case was the DecoMaster on its rubber divers strap along with a steel mesh bracelet and an additional divers strap in blue.

DIAL The DecoMaster’s dial is made up of two parts: an inner portion in a matte deep blue with the company logo in contrasting red, and a large rehaut in matte black with the hour markers and minute-track. This is by no means a classic clean dial with a sparse layout - rather a striking yet busy style that dates back to the 1970s. There's a fair amount going but it is taken care of by the use of a remarkable set of -

HANDS When you chose your DecoMaster, you are given the choice of two handsets: the one shown here with a massive arrow-head minute hand and dwarf hour hand or a traditional Plongeur-style handset. Both sets come with same elongated seconds indicator with a larger rectangular pointer.

From a purely functional point of view, the configuration shown here allows for quick and unambiguous reading of dive-time. While the handset is somewhat quirky in its design - I personally felt that it best suited the DecoMaster given its instrument-like character. You really feel the DecoMaster is more ‘diving instrument’ than ‘dive watch’ and that was something that really appealed to me.

CASE The DecoMaster’s case, bezel and crown are all made of 316L Marine Grade Stainless steel with a brushed finish in straight, circular and radial effects. The actual case design itself is taken from CREPAS’s debut model the, Le GRAND which is a derivative style borrowed from the vintage Omega SM1000m.

Like the Le Grand, the DecoMaster’s case boasts a number of modernizations and technical updates not least of which is a Helium Escape Valve which is located at 4 o’clock and a new destro (left-handed) crown setup as well as a considerable increase in water-resistance. The case measures 44mm in diameter by 15mm thick and with a lug-lug measurement of 55mm.

CRYSTAL The DecoMaster is fitted with a 5mm thick flat Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on its inside. I love a highly domed crystal as much as the next man but appreciate the clean look that a flat crystal gives just as much - besides this, it's a lot easier to photograph ;)

BEZEL Three 120-click Sapphire crystal bezel types are available when ordering the DecoMaster. I chose the Chronomatic Depth-gauge style with its psychedelic spectrum of colors. It ain't gonna be to everyone's taste but in the same regard as the handset, it gives the DecoMaster a more instrument-like character. I know that 90% of us probably won't use the bezel’s depth-meter function but it is there and that's just so cool.

Colors aside, the DecoMaster’s bezel has a lovely height to it which along with its pronounced coin-edged side allows for excellent grip. The bezel is nice and tight but its movement is a little bit unrefined - kind of raspy and scratchy. For me things like the fluidity of a bezel’s movement is what separates say a top boutique brand like CREPAS from a top Swiss brand like Omega.

CASEBACK The DecoMaster has solid 3.2mm thick 316L Marine Grade Stainless steel caseback. The caseback has been slightly recessed into the back of the watch case. It has a grooved design so that water can easily drain out and so that it sits comfortably against the wrist. The caseback is engraved with the CREPAS propeller logo in its center.

CROWN The DecoMaster is fitted with a 7.5mm thick signed screw-down crown with multiple gaskets. The crown is actually very nice to handle and operate, and feels sturdy.

WATER-RESISTANCE The DecoMaster has a water-resistance of 4000 meters. Both the crystal and the caseback thickness had to be increased to allow for 4000M, so for this reason, CREPAS used an ETA 2892-A2 allowing the DecoMaster to have a modest 15 millimeters of thickness.

The DecoMaster comes with a copy of its pressure testing certificate from KUM in Germany. Actually KUM weren't testing dive watches until H20 Watches tracked them down to test their Kalmar several years ago.

CREPAS and H20 are among the only two boutique brands that test their watches in these types of facilities and provide actual documentation, which in my opinion sets them apart from most other brands. If you have to ask the question, why 4000m - then you should probably be looking at another watch ;)

LUME The DecoMaster’s dial, hands and bezel have been lumed with Swiss C3 SuperLumiNova which glows green. The lume is very good BUT given that this watch is a chronomatic depth-gauge and that blue is the last color in the spectrum to remain visible when descending into the depths - why wasn't BGW9 (which has a bright blue glow) used instead?

MOVEMENT The DecoMaster is powered by a Swiss made ETASA 2892-A2 TOP grade automatic mechanical movement.

STRAP The DecoMaster comes on a black rubber ISOfrane style strap. It's a real pity that CREPAS don't use an original ISOfrane strap as they are second to none. While the strap on the DecoMaster does achieve the look it is not nearly in the same league. I'm not sure what kind of rubber has been used but it has a slightly chalky residue all over it and is quite stiff and uncomfortable by comparison. On the plus side it is scent free.

BRACELET An optional Stainless bracelet is available for the DecoMaster. It comes with solid links for size adjustment and a lovely divers safety clasp with push-buttons.

QUALITY Quality is something that has become synonymous with this small Spanish watch brand. I think I have owned every single one of the 5 models that they have released and each one has been painstakingly designed and engineered using high-quality materials. The DecoMaster is no different. Each of its components have been very nicely finished -

not to the same luxurious standard as a top Swiss brand but considering it is roughly the tenth of the price of one of its high-end Swiss counterparts, the DecoMaster is a lot of nice watch for not a lot of money. However, it is ever so slightly let down by its rubber strap.

I hope that CREPAS could either supply their next model on a bracelet only or instead use a high-quality rubber strap or leather band. Having said that, don't let the rubber strap put you off buying what will end up being a very collectible piece that will appreciate in value. Just buy one with a bracelet or get an original ISOfrane to finish it off.

PRICE When I ordered my DecoMaster it had a pre-order price of around 700euro. This has now increased to 900euro. If you're on the fence grab one anyway because all the CREPAS models retain their value and will even appreciate when stock runs out. Talking of which there are still a few pieces left that will remain available until December 31st.

OVERALL CREPAS have made quite a name for themselves in the collectors market with an almost cult-like following; they have done this by, firstly producing only one well made, well priced divers model per year that references an historical model,

but by reinventing that model so that it can perform as technically competently as any other modern dive watch in its class. The inspiration for their collection of divers were icons, legendary dive watches but now they can not only live on but are also relevant for today's market, serving as both high-quality Swiss made diving instruments but as little lessons in dive watch history.


These are not homage watches, these are modern reinterpretations; CREPAS have found their niche in the dive watch industry and are among the best at what they do but I wouldn't half like to see what they could achieve with a blank canvas - it's an exciting thought!



This is the latest vintage-inspired dive watch from Steinhart, the Ocean One Legacy, produced in as limited production watch, available exclusively from Steinhart specialist dealers, Gnomon.

It contains more than a strand or two of the Limited Edition, Ocean 1 Vintage MAXI’s DNA, so like that will likely appreciate in value becoming an instant collector’s item the moment it is sold out.

Drawing inspiration from dive watches of the 1950s, the Steinhart Ocean One Legacy has a number of recognizable design cues synonymous with dive watches of that era such as its:

coin-edged black divers bezel, unguarded Steinhart signed screwdown crown and its highly domed Sapphire crystal that creates those charming distortions that we all love when viewed from the side.

Its case has been beautifully finished with defined edges, polished case sides and satin brushing along the tops of its long contouring lugs.

Great care has been lavished on its matte black dial which features gold lettering and a minute-track also in gold. The text ‘’SHOCK RESISTING” another nod to the dive watches of the 1950s.

The hour and minute hands are pencil shaped, while the seconds hand is tipped with a circle which gave way to the nickname lollipop. Both hands and markers are applied with Swiss SuperLuminova.

The Ocean One Legacy has been made in Switzerland and is powered by a Swiss ETA2824-2 automatic movement, which can be viewed through a Sapphire crystal caseback with its gold guilt custom Steinhart rotor.

Finally the Steinhart Ocean One Legacy comes with on a satin brushed Stainless steel bracelet with screw links and flip-lock divers clasp priced 550USD. Please follow the link HERE to pre-order yours!



SEIKO Prospex and LOWERCASE have been at it again! These are the new Solar Chronograph Diver's by Lowercase.

Produced in a 3000 piece Limited Edition for the SEIKO Prospex Scuba Diver collection, they are available in three versions: Ref. SBDL035, Ref. SBDL037 and Ref. SBDL038.

Ref. SBDL036 is an unknown entity at this point but it could possibly turn up later as an all steel version with a steel bracelet or even a Pepsi version, who knows!

It’s the first time I’ve seen a shrouded Tuna can diver as chronograph and if you check out Ref. SBDL035 (below), this is probably one of if not the only Tuna cans to come on a bracelet.

The Solar Chronograph Diver's collection features a Stainless Steel inner case with a plastic outer shroud. The design dates back to 1975 when the legendary Professional 600M model was released.

Ref. SBDL037 has a Stainless steel finish while Ref. SBDL035 and Ref. SBDL038 are in Stainless steel with a black coating (not sure what it is). In addition to black Ref. SBDL038 also has some gold elements.

Divers features include: a domed crystal, a screw-down crown and caseback, magnetic-resistance, a unidirectional rotational divers bezel and a water-resistance to 200 meters. Each caseback has been  individually engraved with its serial number.

These are Solar powered watches so they are fitted with Seiko's Solar Caliber V175 which has an accuracy Accuracy: ±15 seconds per month and can operate for 6 months when fully charged.

Its functions include: an overcharge prevention function, a 24-hour hand and a chronograph up to 1 hour in 1/5 second increments. The dial is with Seiko Lumibright applied hands and indexes.

The new SEIKO Prospex Solar Chronograph Diver x Lowercase comes on a rubber divers strap. Ref. SBDL035 has a black coated Stainless steel bracelet with a double-locking divers clasp with push button release.

Prices are as follows: Ref. SBDL035 is 63,000JPY while Ref. SBDL037 is 50,000JPY and Ref. SBDL038 is priced at 55,000JPY.



This is what an LW Oktopus BluMoon looks like after artist and expert engraver, Johnny Dowell has been let loose on it for up to 100 hours.

Like Linde Werdelin’s previous collaboration project with Johnny, the Oktopus REEF, he has taken an existing Linde Werdelin piece and transformed it with a full-case engraving.

Whereas the Oktopus Reef depicted a charming underwater scene, the Oktopus Crazy Universe looked to the stars for inspiration.

The result, a whimsical space theme adorning the Grade Titanium case with drawings of; the Sun, various planets, including Earth, on the six o’clock facet, Mars, Saturn and Pluto, moons and shooting stars.

The space theme is derived from the Oktopus BluMoon’s moonphase complication, bringing the scene to life. Like the Octopus Reef, the Oktopus Crazy Universe is a one off. It is priced 22000CHF.



It seemed like the natural progression after the huge success of the Diver ONE and given Paul Scurfield’s background as a deep sea Saturation Diver that Scurfa’s next model would reference the Bell Divers.

Like most of Paul’s designs, it was dreamt up in the confines of a saturation diving chamber in the North Sea. His brief was to create something simple yet unique. And considering this came about at 4 in the morning - what a great result! 

Named after the divers working from a diving bell, the Bell Diver 1 has been designed with a number of really nice new features, and like them is made of tough stuff.

It features a marine-grade Stainless steel case with a water-resistance of 500 meters and measuring: 43mm in diameter by 16mm thick and with a lug-to-lug measurement of 51mm.

Further divers features include a large signed 8mm in diameter screw-down crown and a unidirectional rotational diver bezel with a high-tech ceramic insert with matching BGW9 SuperLuminova markings.

While a Helium Escape Valve has become somewhat of gimmick on dive watches these days – the Bell Diver 1 proudly sports a working Heliox Escape Valve –

tried and tested by Paul from 151m of decompression – it is there for one reason and one reason alone, professional SAT divers need one! ;)

A Japanese made Miyota 9015 automatic movement was chosen to power the Bell Diver 1, simply because it is about the best auto there is at its price-point – robust and super reliable.

However to protect the movement from the low levels of magnetism experienced offshore that could interfere with it, the Bell Diver 1’s movement has a brass cover.

Underneath a domed Sapphire crystal is matte grey dial with gloss black markers, gloss black hour and minute hands and a gloss red second hand.

The sporty dial is given a purposefully look with a raised black gloss Scurfa Watches logo and Bell Diver 1 text in red to match the sweep-seconds hand.

Grade A Swiss BGW9 SuperLuminova has been used on the dial, hands and bezel insert. It glows blue in the dark.

Finally, the Bell Diver 1 has been fitted with a genuine rubber strap with the Bell Diver 1 and Scurfa Watches logos embossed.

It is priced £348 + £18 worldwide shipping and is in STOCK now!