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DOXA SUB 300T Divingstar POSEIDON Edition

A diving legend meets the God of the Sea! This stunner is the new SUB 300T Divingstar Poseidon Edition a recreation of a rare 1970s DOXA.

Once again DOXA Watches has tapped into another [BLACKLUNG] historic partnership with one more super Special Edition SUB in a different classic DOXA color – this time, a recreation of a rare 1970s-era dive watch, which was also created in partnership with the Swedish SCUBA gear manufacturer, Poseidon.

DOXA are best known for their iconic orange-dialed diver’s watches such as their the classic SUB 300T Professional – which is also available with black Sharkhunter or silver Searamble dials, but besides these they also produced a lesser known, bright yellow Divingstar dial.

Such was the rarity of the yellow Divingstar dial that it became one of the most highly sought after DOXAs for vintage dive watch collectors. However there was an even rarer version of the SUB 300T Divingstar that created in partnership with the Swedish SCUBA gear manufacturer, Poseidon.

The watch had all the standard features of other DOXA dive watches but with the addition of a black and yellow Poseidon logo to the lower left quadrant of the yellow dial.

It was the perfect collaboration, as both brands were on the cutting edge of dive gear development – while aesthetically the shared use of the colors, yellow and black allowed for a seamless execution of the Poseidon logo on the Divingstar dial.

The 1970s were considered the SCUBA diving heydays with better, safer and more reliable equipment becoming available, the increased accessibility of jet travel and of course it was a time when we started (not me, I was only a tiny nipper) to see some really special divers watches being produced.

In those days (more so than today) dive watches were considered a vital piece of your dive gear, as critical to safety as a depth gauge or breathing regulator. And one of the must have dive watches was a DOXA — purpose-built, rugged, and trusted to keep track of time underwater. The God Father of diving himself wore DOXA. So did SEALAB divers and the French Navy. Nuff said!

Despite dive watches becoming more fashion orientated during the 1970s, DOXA’s designs remained close to its diving roots, with its signature oversized minute hand, bright legible dials and patented bezel, printed with the US Navy’s No-Decompression Limits scale.

Poseidon’s Nordic roots and enterprising spirit ensured the brand maintained a reputation for developing gear designed for the unique rigors of cold-water diving. This included the brand’s innovative Cyklon regulator and signature neoprene Unisuit, along with watches manufactured in collaboration with DOXA – like the Sub 300.

"The Poseidon SUB watches are amongst our most requested pieces by collectors from our catalog spanning fifty years,” says Rick Marei, General Manager of the SUB division at DOXA Watches Ltd.

“We’re extremely proud to once again have the blessing of Poseidon to write a brand new chapter in our legacy of undersea exploration.”

With the DOXA SUB 300T Divingstar Poseidon Edition, these two great diving names are once again joined on the dial of a watch that symbolizes rugged innovation and under water adventure. The watch resembles its 1970s forefather but has been updated for today with some modern features. The crystal is now highly scratch-resistant Sapphire.

The automatic movement inside is the well-proven Swiss ETA 2824-2. And the watch is now water-resistant to 1200 meters, four times the depth rating of the original SUB 300T.

Dial markings and hands are coated with layers of SuperLumiNova for optimum long-lasting legibility in dark and murky conditions. The steel bracelet fitted to this special watch is DOXA’s iconic beads of rice style, with solid end links and a fold-over clasp with an extension for use over a thick diving suit.

The SUB 300T Divingstar Poseidon Edition features a helium escape valve on the left case flank, which allows trapped Helium inside the watch to evacuate during decompression in a diving bell.

DOXA pioneered the Helium Escape Valve in the late 1960s, when it was used extensively by commercial and military divers living for extended periods in underwater habitats, and was the first brand to offer it publicly on a watch.

Only 500 of the DOXA SUB 300T Divingstar Poseidon Edition will be made. Its retail price is 2490USD. It is available exclusively from www.doxawatches.com

EDOX N-Pole 42.195 Limited Edition ICE RUNNER

Fancy doing the London Marathon? How about the New York Marathon? Not challenging enough? What about running the grueling North Pole Marathon?

Surely that takes a whole new breed of runner. Aside the obvious toe crunching 26.2 miles, physical and mental pain, competitors must also brave a course entirely on ice and those ice-cream headache inducing temperatures.

Edox has new kind of ice-man on the team and it isn’t Christian Redl, it’s an Australian, Marcus Fillinger who will be accompanied an Edox SHARKMAN II Ltd. Edition sibling, the N-Pole 42.195 LE named so after the distance (in km) of his upcoming North Pole Marathon.

The N-Pole 42.195 has been made in a Limited Edition with 300 pieces worldwide; it has a Swiss-made Edox 102 quartz movement at its heart and tough exterior, thanks to a 316L Stainless steel case and scratch-resistant ceramic diver’s bezel.

With its crystal clear, black-and-red-dial, the N-Pole 42.195 should allow Marcus to keep track of his progress at a glance.

The 45mm N-Pole 42.195 has a massive screw-down case-back and a water-resistant to 500 meters. The case-back has a map of the North Pole engraved on it.

The watch comes in a special presentation box. It will be on sale from May 2018.

Thoughts? It looks really, there’s a cool story but – I’ll never get excited about a quartz – how bout’ you?


AUDAZ Reef Diver 300M

Audaz have stepped things up a notch or two with the release of their second diver’s model, the Reef Diver which has already been fully funded in a matter of hours on its Kickstarter campaign.

Not only does the Reef offer a more classic style than its sibling, the Master Scuba but with new features like –

its bright SL3 lume, thick scratch-resistant Sapphire crystal and the choice of Swiss made ETA2824 or Japanese made NH35A automatic movements, it is more than just a pretty face.

The Reef Diver’s 45mm in diameter by 15.2mm thick case has been made from 316L Stainless steel and is fitted with a unidirectional diver’s bezel, an automatic HEV as well as a screw-down caseback and crown.

The case-back has a large engraved old school diver’s helmet on the back. Yes, it’s a bit of cliché but you can’t really go wrong with one – and it’s always more impressive than a simple text / logo engraving.

The Reef Diver is being offered in three different color variants: black sunray dial and bezel with orange seconds and text, blue sunray dial and bezel with yellow seconds and text or grey sunray dial and black bezel with blue seconds and text.

So what are your thoughts? The jury is out on the size of brand logo on the dial – I think something a little less bold might be in order for a future model, but I’m lovin’ the color-coded seconds hand and dial text especially the orange on black.

Retails Prices are as follows: Reef Diver 300m with Seiko NH35A Automatic Movement 420USD, Reef Diver 300m with Swiss ETA2824 Automatic Movement 680USD.

First Day, has the highest discount level at 40% and later we do single watch @ 35% Discount, plus we have Two Packs @ 43% Discount and Three Packs @46% Discount

You can follow the link above see the Reef Diver’s presentation on their Kickstarter campaign page or the one embedded, below to do directly to the Audaz website where more details on the Reef Diver can be found.



It’s coming up to that exciting time of year, as Baselworld 2018 closes in us manufacturers are pre-releasing their latest and greatest wares.

Here’s something for us to marvel at – God knows it’s going to be too rich for the tastes of us mere mortals but that doesn’t mean we can’t get the Kleenex out take in the sights of the one of industry’s craziest, most cutting edge dive watch genres – the diving tourbillion.

Diving tourbillons are few and far between – the whole premise of combing the most complex of complications with a dive watch is kind of ridiculous but here we are with splashes of bright yellow and blue, something rather extraordinary from Angelus.

The brand has from their very beginnings been an integrated manufacture producing pieces of haute horology. Today, Angelus has taken its expertise in producing high-performance complications and applied it to their debut diver’s model, the U50 Diver Tourbillon.

Constructed with a lightweight yet robust 45mm Titanium case, the U50 Diver Tourbillon features two large screw-down crowns.

The two-position crown at 4 o’clock is used for winding and setting the time, while the crown at 2 o’clock is used to rotate the unidirectional 60-minute internal dive-timing ring, in lieu of the more common external rotational bezel found on most diver’s watches.

Opposite the crowns on the left side of the case at the 9 o’clock position, a Helium Escape Valve is placed to protect the movement from a buildup of He after a spot of Saturation Diving.

That’s right boys – Angelus are optimistic in thinking the U50 Diver Tourbillon might be put to work in any kind of environment that would require an HEV. Well you never know.

Jokes aside the, U50 Diver with its 300 meters of water-resistance would have absolutely no problem accompanying you of the deck of your luxury yacht and onto the reef for a spot of SCUBA diving.

Despite the A-300 caliber that is housed in the U50 Diver Tourbillon being intended as a high-performance movement ready to take on more extreme situations, the ultra-slim complication has been painstakingly executed with a contemporary haute horlogerie finish replete with snailed black ADLC coating and chamfered edges.

The design is enhanced by a skeletonized ratchet and barrel in the exclusive Angelus six-spoke design. All the U50 Diver’s inner-workings can be viewed through the watch’s open-work case and Sapphire crystal exhibition case-back.

The watch is presented on a custom rubber diver’s strap. Not sure on the MSRP but expect big bucks.

What do think? Is this a grail piece or do you think it’s ridiculous? I shall admire it from afar but even if I was in the position to buy such a dive watch, I never would. I am in no way being being factitious but I really love the logo design. ;)